a new house – a functional greenhouse!

We took advantage of the sun this week, to properly put the greenhouse together, we were kindly donated the greenhouse from Chris Baptiste family in the summer. On one open day we had put it together, but yet had time to finish it off.
making and stablising a base
Using sleepers to make stable base for the frame to sit on, fixed in compact soil.
cleaning glass taping up perspex
Cleaning the old glass & taping up the odds and ends of perspex to make panels.
mixing compost celebrating the greenhouse
Mixing compost & celebrating the greenhouse – first pieces of perspex in
Greeenhouse = thanks to the Chirs Baptises family
Perspex = thanks to scavenging in the south london gallery skip

Support = Charlie & Shani for the thumbs up and tea, when it was                        raining and we were still outside in the rain, 3 days on.
Support = Owen thanks to Ella, Ella thanks to Owen for the patience                        with each other when our anxiety levels were rising when                        putting in the brittle old glass


One response to “a new house – a functional greenhouse!

  1. congratulations! looks wonderful and just in time for the workshop 🙂

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