Urban Permaculture Course at Sprouting56

Topics covered will include
– A brief history of permaculture and the birth of green movements (including
transition towns)
– Solutions thinking for urban living
– Ethics of permaculture
– Permaculture principles
– Recognising inputs and outputs of a system
– Observation skills
– Recognising and utilising patterns in nature
– The intricate web of life (why we should value diversity)
– Effective design tools
– Understanding your energy zones and sectors
– Reducing your energy consumption by designing your day to day life efficiently
– Design practical

The last few hours of the weekend culminate in a design practical. This is an
opportunity to work in small groups to put all the design and analysis tools you
have learnt throughout the day into practice. If you have a project you wish to
present as a potential design case, please bring it with you.
If there is interest will also do some wild food foraging, and have a
permaculture question and answer session

Some links to interesting videos around permaculture.

Rob Hopkins. Founder of Transition Town speaking at TED.

Carolyn Steel on Hungry Cities at TED. (Not about permaculture directly but the links are implicit to a systems way of thinking about food which is rooted in the principles of permaculture.)


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