Urban Permaculture Course at Sprouting56

Topics covered will include
– A brief history of permaculture and the birth of green movements (including
transition towns)
– Solutions thinking for urban living
– Ethics of permaculture
– Permaculture principles
– Recognising inputs and outputs of a system
– Observation skills
– Recognising and utilising patterns in nature
– The intricate web of life (why we should value diversity)
– Effective design tools
– Understanding your energy zones and sectors
– Reducing your energy consumption by designing your day to day life efficiently
– Design practical

The last few hours of the weekend culminate in a design practical. This is an
opportunity to work in small groups to put all the design and analysis tools you
have learnt throughout the day into practice. If you have a project you wish to
present as a potential design case, please bring it with you.
If there is interest will also do some wild food foraging, and have a
permaculture question and answer session

Some links to interesting videos around permaculture.

Rob Hopkins. Founder of Transition Town speaking at TED.

Carolyn Steel on Hungry Cities at TED. (Not about permaculture directly but the links are implicit to a systems way of thinking about food which is rooted in the principles of permaculture.)


the Emely Cafe at Aid & Abet exhibition Small Scale Survival

Currently we are working with Rosalie Schweiker to set up the Emely Cafe in April as part of an exhibition called Small Scale Survival. The exhibition is curated by Aid & Abet, which is an artist is an artist-led initiative based in Cambridge, co-founded by artists Sarah Evans David Kefford and CJ Mahony.

the Emely Cafe Press Realease
“By playing Café we want to learn more about economics of scale and find strategies for artistic survival. So far we have done our work for free and with little resources. Now, its time to learn how our work could grow and become sustainable in a long term, without us turning into a big thing or even worse, the big society. With this Café we want to bring together small businesses and home-based artists to find out about their (and our) working conditions. The Café will provide the space and framework for this endeavour. And it will also be a place where you can simply sit down and have a good cup of tea.”

The Emely will publish a book about this Café, this will feature the suppliers of the Cafe and their work processes. The book can be read for free at the Café, purchased for 5 Pounds or swapped for doing the washing up.

Sourcing supplies from small businesses & home-based art projects.
Tea from the Quilliam brothers
Coffee from Federation Coffee
Jam for Cream Teas from Pickling Peckham
Sandwich fillings and scones from Sprouting 56
Kitchen foil and cleaning materials from Mr Patel’s Londis shop
Bread from Blackbird bakery
Furniture from the Emely’s previous projects

13/02/2011: intial meeting working it out in the pub with a dog that joined in15/02/2011: evening meeting working out budget, timescale, & publication

17/02/2011: Rosalie at the no-more Tesco campaign to save Mr Patel’s Londis shop, buying cleaning materials from Mr Patel’s shop. Sign the petition here. 18/02/2011: Rosalie visiting the the space

Sandwich fillings and scones from Sprouting56

a new house – a functional greenhouse!

We took advantage of the sun this week, to properly put the greenhouse together, we were kindly donated the greenhouse from Chris Baptiste family in the summer. On one open day we had put it together, but yet had time to finish it off.
making and stablising a base
Using sleepers to make stable base for the frame to sit on, fixed in compact soil.
cleaning glass taping up perspex
Cleaning the old glass & taping up the odds and ends of perspex to make panels.
mixing compost celebrating the greenhouse
Mixing compost & celebrating the greenhouse – first pieces of perspex in
Greeenhouse = thanks to the Chirs Baptises family
Perspex = thanks to scavenging in the south london gallery skip

Support = Charlie & Shani for the thumbs up and tea, when it was                        raining and we were still outside in the rain, 3 days on.
Support = Owen thanks to Ella, Ella thanks to Owen for the patience                        with each other when our anxiety levels were rising when                        putting in the brittle old glass

Sprouting56 at New Gallery Jumble

Today we were at the first New Gallery Jumble.
Sprouting56 at New Gallery Jumble
Bury a Nick Clegg make it last workshop
Making seed pots out of newspaper for broadbeans & strawberries.
Making new friends & catching with old ones.
Selling copies of grassroots.

2011 – whats happening with Sprouting56

Currently we are working out how to carry on with Sprouting56, how often we put on salons- what form these take, but most importantly formulating a re-design of the garden and a schedule for the year. So some time with in the next few weeks were update you all and our blog.

Sprouting56 at The New Gallery Jumble,

The New Gallery Jumble
Saturday 15th January, 11am – 6pm
The New Gallery London, 92 Peckham Road

Is a mix of stalls, of upcycled crafts, repurposed and secondhand things and workshops includding a make it last area to retrive old garments with provided materials.
We will be on a stall selling our publication Grassroots, providing plants for people and someother things.

Sunday – the end of Food & Things

A sad day for all

Saturday at Food & Things

Morning – rest

A brilliant lie in while watching Blackpool, which is a bbc musical comedy drama tv series, that we have devoured in the evenings while ‘switching off” from Food & Things. It is ridiculously great in some weird addictive way.

Afternoon – Duck Sweets & vege swops

TV Dinner – Blackpool & Soup

‘Dropping off Rosalie’  in the snow

With us relaxed and releived, we decided that we should walk to Brixton and ‘drop Rosalie of home’, as we had been doing Food & things for a total of hours, it was time to leave the house and be outside in the snow. I think it took us about an hour and a half to walk to Brixton. Our walk included; swallen gums, large snowballs, lost gloves, criticising the institute we have graduated from, San Keller – The Long Way Home, quotes from Blackpool, falling over, rolling in the snow, snowballs, picking up old chairs & tea.