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the Emely Cafe at Aid & Abet exhibition Small Scale Survival

Currently we are working with Rosalie Schweiker to set up the Emely Cafe in April as part of an exhibition called Small Scale Survival. The exhibition is curated by Aid & Abet, which is an artist is an artist-led initiative based in Cambridge, co-founded by artists Sarah Evans David Kefford and CJ Mahony.

the Emely Cafe Press Realease
“By playing Café we want to learn more about economics of scale and find strategies for artistic survival. So far we have done our work for free and with little resources. Now, its time to learn how our work could grow and become sustainable in a long term, without us turning into a big thing or even worse, the big society. With this Café we want to bring together small businesses and home-based artists to find out about their (and our) working conditions. The Café will provide the space and framework for this endeavour. And it will also be a place where you can simply sit down and have a good cup of tea.”

The Emely will publish a book about this Café, this will feature the suppliers of the Cafe and their work processes. The book can be read for free at the Café, purchased for 5 Pounds or swapped for doing the washing up.

Sourcing supplies from small businesses & home-based art projects.
Tea from the Quilliam brothers
Coffee from Federation Coffee
Jam for Cream Teas from Pickling Peckham
Sandwich fillings and scones from Sprouting 56
Kitchen foil and cleaning materials from Mr Patel’s Londis shop
Bread from Blackbird bakery
Furniture from the Emely’s previous projects

13/02/2011: intial meeting working it out in the pub with a dog that joined in15/02/2011: evening meeting working out budget, timescale, & publication

17/02/2011: Rosalie at the no-more Tesco campaign to save Mr Patel’s Londis shop, buying cleaning materials from Mr Patel’s shop. Sign the petition here. 18/02/2011: Rosalie visiting the the space

Sandwich fillings and scones from Sprouting56